Top 5 Best Tips For Finding the Perfect Baby Name

Top 5 Best Tips For Finding the Perfect Baby Name

Tips For Finding the Perfect Baby Name: With actually hundreds, if not thousands of baby names to pick from, how can you obtain the best one? During your months of pregnancy, you will spend the most time thinking about it.

Since your child’s name will remain with them for the rest of their life, this is one of the first and most important decisions for your child. Here are few recommendations that may assist.

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The Top 5 Best Tips For Finding the Perfect Baby Name Are:

1. Brainstorm a list of names

Sit down with your partner and brainstorm the initial list of names. Don’t think of first or last names at this point, just the names you hear and like. 

Remember, the number one rule of brainstorming is not preconception. It continues to be added to the list for the next few weeks.

2. Don’t do it alone

Everyone should be happy with their child’s name. It is important for both parents to work together and negotiate so that they both get a name.

During my wife’s pregnancy, we would leave phone calls and notes with names. We both agreed that in order to use it, both of us would have to like a name.

There were many that I liked that she hated and vice versa. It is important to give and take a little to find a name that will make both parents happy.

Don’t forget to sort out parents, friends and relatives. While it will ultimately be your decision and your partner, we found it very helpful to name friends and relatives.

3. The Sound of the Name

By presently you should have a great listing of names. You may or may not want to throw some family names into the mix. Now is the time to start combining names.

How do first and last names sound together? Although they may look nice at first, they can change when you add a middle name. Take your names and mix and match the first and middle names.

Sometimes you will be surprised and what you thought of as a first name may end up as the last name and vice versa.

4. Think about surnames, spelling and abbreviations

It is important. As your child grows, will the children ensure your child’s name or come up with an unfavourable surname? Or what is cute when your child is a child and not as cute as your child is growing up.

Another idea is to take your child’s first, middle and last name initials and put them together. Does it spell anything counterproductive? Many parents do not think that you do not want to feel it after the birth certificate is issued!

The name research means that there are many places on the Internet where you can find the meaning of a name, and there are lots of software that you can buy.

It can be a fun time to trace the origin of a name and inspire you to try new names that you have not thought of. Are you Irish For example check some Gaelic names?

5. Choose 3 or 4 names and wait for the baby to arrive

This is probably my best advice. When you decide on it, it can sound like a great name that can’t ‘fit’ your new baby! For example, when our first son was born, we immediately came to know that his name would be Kailan, named ‘mighty warrior’.

He came out at 10 lbs and was a real fitting name. The birth certificate is yet to be issued, so take your time with your new baby before leaving the hospital and see what its look or attitude is.


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