What are the reasons behind taking surfing lessons in Cabo San Lucas?

What are the reasons behind taking surfing lessons in Cabo San Lucas?

Surfing is one of the most thrilling and exciting activities. Thus, it is worth giving a try to learn surfing lessons Cabo San Lucas. Whenever you think of learning surfing, you should think about our surf school in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. In the beginning, it may seem to be scary and next to impossible, but under our supervision, you will learn to surf in a very short period.In our surf school, there are various levels of lessons for you, such as beginner, intermediate and advanced. Other than that, we have surfboards on rent.

Why should you choose Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo are the ideal ports of call for surfing lessons that serve many significant surfing opportunities to the admirers. Our surf school is located in Los Cabos, Baja Peninsula. Nowadays Cabo San Lucas is getting famous for surfing. Apart from this, the place is well known for fishing, natural beauty, nightlife, whale watching, golf, exotic driving, etc.We have branches among several surfing schools in Cabo San Lucas, including Mike Doyle’s school.

Lessens you will learn at Baja Cali Surf school

Our experienced instructors are here to teach you surfing within a very small time. They will ease the uphill tasks so that you don’t have to suffer while learning and they will make sure that you can learn all the skills and techniques. They will teach you: how to catch the perfect Los Cabos wave, the waves to watch and catch in the Cabo Surf, what to do next when you reach up and surfing.Our professionals pay individual care and they will ensure that you are enjoying surfing.

Types of Surf lessons

We have various types of Surf lessons depending on your level and skill. Here are some types of Surf lessons that we offer you:

 Beginner Surf lessons:

Beginner Surf lessons are for those who have never gone surfing before. In this lesson, you will learn the basics of surfing. A beginner’s final objective is to catch a big wave on his/her own. In this way, he/she will have an amazing surfing experience. These beginner surf lessons include:

  • Stretching
  • Sand drills
  • Safety brief
  • Your first wave
  • Paddling
  • The ‘Turtle’
  • The dismount
  • Etiquette
  • Surf by yourself

 Intermediate Surf lessons

Intermediate Surf lessons are for those who know surfing but want to improve their skills. This lesson is perfect for you to experience surfing in San Jose Del Cabo. These lessons will rub up the fundamentals of surfing that are known to you. The intermediate surfing lessons include:

  • Surfing on the outside
  • The bottom turns
  • Trimming
  • The cross step
  • Advanced paddling
  • Reading waves

 Advanced Surf lessons

Apart from our beginner and intermediate surf lessons, we have our advanced surf lessons. You can take these advanced surfing lessons if you are willing to impel your surfing skills further. Our advanced surf lessons include:

  • Riding set waves
  • Riding in the barrel
  • Developing style
  • Tricks
  • Competition strategy
  • Line-up positions

Kids Surfing lessons

Happy baby girl – young surfer ride on surfboard with fun on sea waves. Active family lifestyle, kids outdoor water sport lessons and swimming activity in surf camp. Summer vacation with child.

We provide Cabo San Lucas surf lessons for kids. As surfing is a family activity, your child should learn to surf. Our highly skilled professionals train your child in a safe surfing lesson. In the kids surfing lessons we provide:

  • Safe environment
  • Fun
  • Family activity

Our other services

Other than surfing lessons in Cabo San Lucas, we also provide surf trips and surf rentals.

Surf trips: We can plan a surf trip for you at Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo for a thrilling experience.Surf rentals: We give surfboards on rent. We provide Longboards, Shortboards, Boogie boards, Stand-up paddleboards. If you find the ideal surf spot and you don’t have a surfboard, do not think twice to contact us.

Why should you choose us?

There are so many options when you search for learning surf lessons in San Lucas, but no one will provide you the options we offer. Some of our aspects are :

  • Customized lessons
  • Experience
  • Safety
  • CPR and first aid certified instructors
  • Cost-effective
  • Track record

You can completely trust us to learn surfing lessons safely. No matter what your level is, there is a lesson for you.

Contact us today to reserve a sport

We are here to give you an overwhelming experience of surfing. Contact us today to book a slot for you. Contact us by giving a call, drop an email, or leave a message.  


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