What Were The Views Of The Parties On Energy In Comparison To Each Other?

What Were The Views Of The Parties On Energy In Comparison To Each Other?

Were you aware that in 2018, more or about two-thirds of the energy that was in total used by the Americans ended up getting wasted? Without the shadow of a doubt, this is a good amount of energy resources that were known to be squandered back then and can never come back to us. However, the good news is that experts are known to have believed that by the end of 2050, we will successfully reduce the total usage of energy by more or less around 60%, all with a simple process of energy conservation. 

What Is Energy Conservation? 

Energy conservation is the moment when a person takes a conscious decision to use less energy. A person might wonder, can this be that simple? Well, it is. Apart from being simple, it is known to be beneficial as well. 

When a person lowers the total amount of energy he uses, he can slow down the depletion of fossil fuels and assist the world towards a cleaner and greener environment. While following the process, a person can easily save time and money. What else do we need? 

Views of parties on energy and its conservation 

Considering a basic question, how do the party’s views on energy compare? It has been noticed that many Americans in this day and age are known to support the increased use of a renewable form of energy. Researches done previously found that support from the public was primarily motivated by a perception that environmental harms are reduced with the help of renewable energy, for example, pollution and global warming. Additionally, it helps create economic benefits such as increased jobs and savings of additional costs. However, people are known to gain motivation for supporting renewable energy for their specific reasons. 

Studies have found that more than republicans, democrats supported the judicial use of renewable energy as an efficient solution to fight global warming. On the contrary, more than democrats, republicans supported the judicial use of renewable energy for reasons associated with the economy. 

Another related question additionally investigated revolved around the best predictors for a transition to the use of 100% renewable energy of support concerning the difference of views of both the parties, Democrats and Republicans. A stronger predictor of renewable energy was significantly witnessed with the belief that it will help in the improvement of the economy more among the republicans when compared to democrats. On the contrary, an interest in the solutions to combat the effects of global warming was considered a much more significant and stronger predictor of policy for renewable energy support not among Republicans but more among Democrats. 

The findings of how do the parties views on energy compare Quizlet rather indicated a pattern of importance which was: 

  • Economic considerations ended up playing a more important role among Republicans when compared to Democrats. 
  • Concerns related to global warming ended up playing a more important role among Democrats when compared to Republicans. 


The findings, as mentioned earlier, do not, however, necessarily imply that the Republicans as a party only gave importance to economics regarding the renewable form of energy. Likewise, prioritizing global warming was not the only case for Democrats.


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