5Ways Cookie Boxes Will Help you Get More Business

5Ways Cookie Boxes Will Help you Get More Business

A successful business needs to have a unique identity that attracts maximum customers in a short time. It will help the company grow in a positive direction with maximum customer retention. Businessmen use different techniques and methods to enhance their business and make their product unique and attractive to recognize it.

A cookie is the most consuming snack worldwide. It has a wide variety of flavours and taste. Different people have different likings; some like nutty cookies, and some like to have a simple salty flavour. Hence the variety in cookies coves all types of customers. Retailers use cookie boxes wholesale to avoid any inconvenience, as they are in demand in the market.

Different materials of cookie boxes

  • Carton material
  • Plastic material
  • Metal
  • Plastic wrappers
  • Plastic films

Carton material includes different materials like

  • paperboard
  • corrugated/kraft
  • rigid
  • bux board

Paperboard is the thinnest material in carton material boxes. It is the best recommendation for cookie boxes as they are light in weight and are very spacious. Paperboard material is a very lightweight material and is usually used for secondary packaging of cereal boxes and cookie boxes. They have mass manufacturing, which helps in budgeting, and the lightweight material reduces the shipping cost.

Corrugated/Kraft are thicker than the paperboard and are usually used to transport different household items—their robust nature known to hold a heavy object and keep the product safe during delivery and transportation. Corrugated and kraft are also eco-friendly, which makes them more attractive to consumer and business people.

Rigid and bux board material boxes are thicker and robust than paperboard and corrugated material boxes. These boxes are usually as primary packaging of expensive or fragile products. Perfumes, Mobiles, Jewellery etc., are kept in these boxes for extra care and safety.

Types of cookie boxes

There are different types of cookie boxes in the market, and our company, The Packaging Company, provides the full range of bakery boxes. Different styles such as

  • windowpanes
  • display boxes
  • gable boxes
  • sleeve boxes
  • cookie gift boxes
Boxes with window panes

Like its name, window panes are made on the cookie boxes to enhance the customer’s excitement. A small cut is made on the box and covered with a thin plastic sheet to view what is inside the box. The delicious treats attract the customer and make him make the purchase. There are different sizes available in this box with different patterns and designs. Mainly it is manufactured in white color in which the colourful treats look more attractive and delicious. You can make the window anywhere on the box. You can adjust it on the top of the box or at the side, or the front. These cookie boxes are an excellent choice to present on different occasions like birthdays, new year, or use as Christmas cookie boxes.

Display boxes

Display boxes are attractive unique-shaped box filled with vibrant colours, beautiful designs and patterns. These boxes are placed in different stores, mainly on the counters, to capture the maximum customer attraction. These boxes are an excellent way to display your product to enhance its visibility and presence. These boxes are mainly used to represent your product, and you cannot use them to present on occasion or celebrations.

Gable Boxes

Gable boxes are a unique shaped box, and it is designed so that it forms a handle on the top to handle it conveniently and quickly. These boxes are full of colours and beautiful designs. They are available in three different sizes, but you can manufacture them according to your measurements. These boxes can be well represented on various occasions and parties. It is an excellent way to present candies or cookies to the kid’s birthday party. A perfect example of gable boxes is the Kid’s meal at Mc Donalds.

Sleeve boxes

These boxes work like a drawer; a small tray is inserted and attached with the box’s cover, drawn-out like a drawer. It is easy to access to the consumer and is available in different sizes and colours.

Cookie gift boxes

Cookie gift boxes are colorful, manufactured with attractive designs and patterns. They are filled with different kinds of cookies and are best to represent on occasions and parties.

How Cookie boxes help you expand your business

  • It elevates your brand
  • Get your brand recognized by maximum customers
  • It allows you to control your budget by making your product an effective advertising tool.
  • It makes your brand recognized on an international platform without any extra funding.
  • It attracts maximum customer by its unique appearance and attractive colours and designs.
  • It gives you a wide variety of colours, designs, patterns, shapes, and sizes
  • As far as your imagination works, you can make your box.
  • Customized boxes are exactly the size of your product, which helps your product be intact and let it not ruin during delivery or serving to the customer.

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