8 Tips for Landlords to Deal with Property Chores on Tenant Change

8 Tips for Landlords to Deal with Property Chores on Tenant Change

Rather than paying a mortgage to build a new home, people prefer staying on rent. This is the key reason of flourishing of rental industry all over the UK. Not only the demand of the house increases over time but also landlords can prosper as well.

The tiresome factor which every landlord has to follow compulsory is to clean the property after moving out of the old tenant and before arrival of new renter. Cleaning is the cumbersome task one has to perform. Even improper task can make you regret later as well.

Here, we have summed up 8 tips by which you can keep your rental property in good and attractive condition for long. Check it out below:

  1. Landlord should present physically to conduct check-out inspection

    Check-out inspection has a vital role to rent the property. Independent pre- and post-tenancy inventory check of the thorough property offer tenancy agreement to both parties to highlight the disputes on the legal grounds. The deposit deduction will be settled for repairs and potential damage.

    However, inventory check is meant to be carried out by any independent third-party personnel for the full rental property. But the presence of landlord is recommended. Check-out inspections will determine the fixtures to be done by the landlord and tenant respectively. Wear and tear deductions must be given by the landlord. At last, landlord must collect provided keys and documents.  
  2. Visual proof should be kept as proof of the condition of property before lease

    Video and photo material are strong evidence to be used in the court. After getting shifted they will raise the dispute over cleaning charge. Although not every time you can use the images as evidence due to lack in details and low quality yet an efficient document to support your ground during any legal dispute (if any).

    However, these days, better quality pictures can be easy to capture using a Smartphone. As better as the quality of photo is, it will be recorded as strong evidence. Spare some time to stroll to and fro the rental property to capture each detail thoroughly and store them.
  3. Ensure closing of utility accounts

    Tenants never close the utility accounts. This is so; because they don’t consider it as their job. If you trust your tenant then you are going to experience a big blunder soon. Just act smartly by adding an additional clause to tenancy agreement by demanding copies of shut down of utility accounts properly.

    Otherwise, it can put you at financial burden in the end. Also, you can ask for the due amount to cut off the utility services. It will offer a basic idea about the bills and you can avoid unpleasant surprises on leaving of the tenants.
  4. DIY or professional property cleaning?

    The fact is you can’t deliver the standard of cleanliness provided by professional cleaners for any property. Even after conducting the DIY task you can find 60% of the cleaning is completed. Remember, that DIY cleaning post-tenancy needs effort and time. At first make a cleaning checklist and the repairing tasks your property deems for!

    Accordingly, choose a professional cleaner to get it done starting from bedroom to bathroom and every piece of upholstery. Try to put extra effort of the mostly used areas like kitchen and bathroom. Good tenants will observe each minute detail like leaky pipes, rusty showers and foul odours to look for elsewhere.  
  5. Take care of decoration and painting

    Repainting should be done once a year. Ideal house renovation comprises of additional care of the skirting boards, window frames and glass, doors and ceilings. Depending on the property type you can get the professional for repainting. Fresh coats of paint make the very first impression on the tenants and it is worthy to make such investments.
  6. Replace, repair, dry clean or steam clean the carpet

    Check the condition of carpet. If it wears and tears down badly then opt for a replacement. Otherwise, dry cleaning, steam cleaning and DIY vacuuming are the available options for you. Hire a professional carpet cleaner to get it done efficiently.

    Sometimes repair might be needed as old rugs can get infestations creating unhealthy atmosphere and allergy reactions to anyone in the property. Also, people don’t want stains and odours all over leaving replacement is the only option for you. Always choose such a coloured carpet which is easy-to-clean and possesses stain-resistant and water-resistant property.
  7. Inspect the plumbing repairs and maintenance

    Faucet and pipe leaks can cause expensive repair in the rental property nationwide. Water damage can cause potential wreaking havoc to the surroundings. Detection of leaks on time can end up with door, ceiling, flooring and wall restoration.

    Low pressure can be also experienced leading to hefty repairs in the end. On the other hand, regular inspection, repairing and maintenance come under cost-effective expense in the long run while allowing the landlords to have long-term success relationship with the tenants. 
  8. Landscape the property is also important

    Although not every property equips with outdoor spaces yet if it has then manicure is needed for the lush lawns and gardens. In case, you don’t know how to do it or can’t spare time for gardening, hire a professional for DIY wonderful landscape surrounding the house. As a proper landscape needs daily care, you can impose fines for blocked shafts and ill-trimmed trees.

The rental property always needs to be maintained properly after changing the tenants. It will allow you to get a new renter hassle-free and easily with the very first impression by the property. 


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