GATE Exam Syllabus: Unlock Your Primary Key & Make a Wise Decision

GATE Exam Syllabus: Unlock Your Primary Key & Make a Wise Decision

In this fast-paced ambitious environment, every student is trying to build a strong position in the market. However, to secure a decent position in this challenging world, you have to be more focused and keep an eye on the prolific options. Well, one of the most emerging options these days is a competitive examination. There are many popular examinations, and you can go ahead depending on your niche. Although, if you are studying Engineering or science, then GATE exams can help you flourish your career.

No wonder, most of the students consider GATE as their career choice and it because it is one of the best examinations in India providing many opportunities to the young talent to boost their career. Well, to acquire success in this journey, you have to unfold the details about the GATE syllabus first.

Subjects Linked With This Prestigious Examination

Knowing the syllabus is essential as it helps the candidates get an idea about the core topics and disciplines covered for this competitive exam.

Certainly, cracking this exam is challenging for many aspirants as it has the power to link your future with some reputed organization, MNC sector job, PSU opportunities, and more. Also, it will encourage them to plan their studies accordingly to ace this test.

When it comes to this exam, it comprises 27 disciplines or subjects, and you have to choose the one according to your niche.

1. Aerospace Engineering (AE)

2. Agricultural Engineering (AG)

3. Architecture and Planning (AR)

4. Biotechnology (BT)

5. Civil Engineering (CE)

6. Chemical Engineering (CH)

7. Computer Science and Information Technology (CS)

8. Chemistry (CY)

9.  Electronics and Communication Engg (EC)

10. Electrical Engineering (EE)

11. Ecology and Evolution (EY)

12. Geology and Geophysics (GG)

13. Instrumentation Engineering (IN)

14. Mathematics (MA)

15. Mechanical Engineering (ME)

16. Mining Engineering (MN)

17. Metallurgical Engineering (MT)

18. Petroleum Engineering (PE)

19. Physics (PH)

20. Production and Industrial Engineering (PI)

21. Textile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF)

22. Statistics (ST)

23. BioMedical Engineering (BM)

24.  Engineering Sciences (XE)

25. Life Sciences (XL)

26. Humanities and Social Sciences (XH)

27.  Environmental Science and Engineering (ES)

These are the 27 disciplines that have marked a solid position, when it comes to this examination. If you are one of the GATE aspirants, then you can analyze the branch-wise or subject-wise GATE syllabus to make a wise decision in the near future. Make sure you don’t forget to check other important aspects such as eligibility criteria, pattern of the paper and more for this examination before finalizing your decision.

Always remember, a primary key to crack a GATE exam is to have proper information about the subjects and the secondary key is loyalty towards your goal. Through analyzing the disciplines closely students can start preparing more diligently for the  exams.

This is one of the toughest examinations in the nation so, while preparing for it you have to clear all your queries.  Best Of Luck Aspirants!


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