Get new light on the Pre-shipment inspection process

Get new light on the Pre-shipment inspection process

For every manufacturer or business, quality inspection is very much important. The inspection process means, testing, measuring, gauging and also examining the different product characteristics and comparing the characteristics to achieve the desired result. This inspection should be done with specific requirements so that conformity is achieved for every characteristic. Inspection is important for inventory, finished goods or when the manufacturing process is ongoing.

In the process of Pre-shipment inspection in China, you will learn to understand the process of the variability of the supplier. You can request the vendor to make different parts and select the necessary samples from them.

This will help you to know what the vendor is actually capable of doing in the real production environment. You will get different options also for the same. If you find that the risk is low, you can check for few products only. The point is to understand the reliability of the vendor first. For every critical feature, record the measurements from all the randomly selected samples of the products.

Quality inspection of ongoing production

If you know the technical process or ability of the vendor, you need to check how to control the quality of the products. You can carry out the Pre-shipment inspection in China by yourself or can hire a third party. What type of reports or information do you need to satisfy the customers? What is actually important in this part and what features should be inspected. You need to find out all these questions first before making starting the inspection process. If you want to save money and other hazards, you can go for a third-party inspection. These types of inspections are readily available now in China and India. But the professionalism and quality are very much variable. First, you need to meet the local manager of the third-party inspection team that you select and then try to fix a meeting with the inspectors. Try to check few companies before deciding the final name. you can require also other inspections like loading inspections, where the inspectors will observe whether the container is loaded and whether it provides you documentation and photos of the load, seal numbers of the containers or the container numbers.

Why the step is important?

It is important to perform the inspection process previously and submit the result of it before any shipments. For the first few shipments, you need to compare the result of the inspection. These processes can be helpful to set the standard and it will help you to select the number of parts that you inspect and will guide you on the points to inspect if you find any issue.

If you have performed the pre-shipment inspection and the sourcing process successfully, you will surely get the reward of your effort, will be able to receive and sell products as per your requirements. With the process, you can choose and rectify the issues with the product before presenting it to the customers and in this way, you can ensure that the customers will get the best quality product even though it comes from a China manufacturer.


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