What are the pros and cons of virtual learning?

What are the pros and cons of virtual learning?

It’s been a long year that Covid 19 broke out through the whole world. Due to this pandemic scenario, we are all confined in our homes. Even the kids are unable to enjoy their childhood and also reach school for acquiring knowledge. Education, being an important sector of our society, can’t remain stagnant for a long time.

For this reason, after struggling for several months, finally, children are on their way to acquiring knowledge again. However, the model of education is quite different from the previous one. Instead of meeting face to face, they are now meeting virtually.

Technological advancement has gone so far that education is also enjoying its benefits largely. It is beyond our imagination how online education is behaving like a friend to children.

Pros of virtual learning:

Offers an effective way of learning

When lessons were taught inside the classroom, it was more like pen-paper mode rather than the virtual model. For this reason, during the classes, children lost their interest as the point of attraction was available in a lesser amount. Some teachers would like to teach kids by displaying colorful charts, videos, and audio, but it remains impossible due to the strict rules and regulations of the school.

Thanks to virtual media, offering the ease of learning through such audiovisual learning videos. It has been observed that kids have an inherent habit of accumulating knowledge through visual mode. The knowledge they acquire by seeing a video remains intact in their minds for a long time. Due to the online learning mode, teachers are now compelled to make the kids learn through pictures, audio, videos etc.

Ease of accessing class irrespective of time and location

The principal benefit of the virtual class is the ease of attending class anytime and from anywhere. To reach school and spend the whole day, a child comes back to the exhausted house. Moreover, time was the main factor for school and tuition. The life of kids was more time-bounded, and they merely got a chance to nurture their hobbies.

With the online mode of education, things become much easier. Children can get access to their classes from anywhere. Like in past days, they need not visit a specific institution to acquire knowledge. Moreover, they can enjoy the spare time as they need not waste time due to reach school or spend the whole day out from the house.

Curtail down unwanted expenses

Sometimes, we wonder how one small change in education brought so many changes to our daily lives. Being a parent when you need to send your child to school, there were so many additional expenses apart from school fees. These may be paying regular transportation fee, buying Tiffin, school bags, water bottle, and even dresses suitable for school etc.

While planning the budget, a parent needs to take care of these monthly expenses. However, with virtual classes now, the parent can save extra money by minimizing these additional costs. Therefore, parents who write in search engines ‘need a loan ASAP are now searching for suitable investment methods.  

Children find it exciting to attain class

Above all, children find it an exciting way of learning because they can involve themselves with digital media during their lessons. This is the principal reason for enhancing the attendance of students. During physical classes, most kids used to express a lack of interest in attaining school.

Even a child who is not feeling well even can peruse the classes with the help of virtual tuition. Isn’t it beneficial?

Cons of virtual learning:

Unlike everything, there is also some disadvantages of e-learning.

Technical faults –

Virtual learning is completely driven by a strong internet connection. Sometimes due to poor network coverage, the connection may be disrupted. In this way, technical issues may creep into the scenario and ruin the rhythm of class anytime.

Many people have not yet installed a strong fiber connection. Children become the worst sufferer in those cases. Again and again, the connection can be lost, and a kid may lose interest during school time. Therefore, the process of education remains incomplete.

Unable to remain attentive for long

While most students find this virtual mode of learning exciting, there are certain examples where children face problems due to long classes through mobile or laptop. It has been reported that a certain number of students are unable to remain attentive for a long time in front of the screen.

Often, children start playing video games and are attracted to different chatting platforms to do amusement with their friends. This is becoming a serious issue day by day.

Children feel alone

Although staying connected through virtual media, children often feel lonely because they fail to spend time with their friends. Undoubtedly, playing games face to face attracts a kid more than virtual games.


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