If you’re looking for courses after 12th commerce. you’ll learn about accounts, finance, and business aspects, and you’ll most likely have the option. to switch to Arts depending on your interests within the industry. If you choose the right direction in the commerce stream, you will earn a lot of money. So, if you’re a college student who’s unsure what to do after 12th commerce, this is the article for you.

A well-structured course in commerce might be a good place to start your career path. Before entering the commerce industry, check out all of the available commerce courses. to see which one is best for you. Following your higher secondary class ten board exams. you will be able to choose your career path after completing your 11th-12th in Commerce.

Most positions in the commerce stream include on-the-job training and a few skill sets to help you advance. If taken correctly, courses after 12th commerce have a lot of potential and benefits.

So, if you’re wondering what job opportunities are available after completing 12th commerce, this text will assist you. Students who majored in commerce will pursue careers in any of the following fields, thanks to the commerce courses available:

Commerce Students Have a Variety of Career Options

Bachelor in Business Administration (B.Com)

This is the most popular course that students choose after completing their 12th-grade education. It’s a three-year degree program that covers subjects like accounting, statistics, management, human resources, computer science, and economics, among others.

With your school’s 10th and 12th board grades, you’ll be able to quickly gain entry to one of the many colleges or institutions that offer this course. B.Com is one of the most basic commerce courses available, as well as one of the most common after 12th commerce.

B.Com has a low difficulty level within the course structure, so students who choose to specialize in a variety of fields can easily learn and try other courses. Learn more about the career opportunities available to you after completing your B.Com.

Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB)

After completing your 12th-grade commerce, LLB is one of the options available to college students who want to advance their careers. An LLB degree, which is governed by the Bar Council of India (BCI), allows students to work as lawyers or advocates. Family Law, Constitutional Law, Property Law, and Company Law are among the topics covered in this curriculum.

Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)

Just like the CA course, this degree could be a professional course offered by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India. like CA and CS, the curriculum may be a formation of various levels, for college kids to clear the rounds. same as CA and CS. Scholars must obtain education and experience in subjects such as Cost & Management Accounting, Fundamentals of Economic and Industrial Laws, Laws and Ethics, and others after completing this course.

Chartered Accountancy is a specialization in accounting (CA)

The technical course is administered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for college students who have completed their commerce 12th grade. This technical course is divided into many stages.

Students must pass one class to be able to take a seat in the next level, which is more complicated. In comparison to bachelor’s degrees, the general difficulty level of this course is exceptionally high. A student who obtains this degree will be given the title of CA and will be eligible to make a profit.CA in one of the best-paying commerce stream positions on the market. one of the most well-liked business courses online.

When opposed to other bachelor’s degree programs, this one has a much greater level of difficulty. Accounting, accounting and financial management, advanced accounting, taxation, auditing and assurance, business laws, ethics and communication, information technology and strategic management, corporate and other laws, and other topics are included in this course.

Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree (BBA)

If you want to get a head start in business administration? The BBA may be a popular option among students who have completed their class 12th and have studied commerce. It is a three-year undergraduate program in which students receive an education based on corporate philosophy and administration.

Business aspects and methodologies are learned from the start, and students study corporate operations practices and laws in functionality. This option is appropriate for students, who have chosen to join companies or run their own enterprises from the very beginning of their careers and want all of the knowledge and skills to be taught to them right from the outset. if you want to do BBA. You learn from top engineering colleges in mp, top engineering colleges in Indore.

Company Secretary (CS)

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India administers. the CS or Company Secretary course, as opposed to the CA qualification (ICSI). Students who are interested in analytical classes in law chose this course as a career path. The degree confers honors to the applicant who holds it, and, like the CA course, there are thresholds to clear at any time before they enter the final CS Professional Programme tier.

The course teaches students about the ethical reasons and partnerships of businesses. It would lead to senior-level jobs in business organizations for the applicants. It is one of the most appealing business courses available.

Financial Planner (CFP)

This professional course is administered and supervised by the Financial Planning Standards Board India (FPSB). The courses certify and understand experience and information of areas such as financial saving and taxation, retirement, pensions, and estate planning for college students who are interested in financial planning subjects.

Bachelor of Economics

 Bachelor of Economics A three-year course duration, this degree is a necessary and profitable alternative open for college students after their class 12th commerce. Following this program, students get exposed to numerous financial concepts and analytical methods in economic studies.

For learners having an interest in economics, this can be a desiring choice to secure knowledge and skills in understanding the underlying concepts and principles governing the topic. Subjects included during this course along the lines of economics are microeconomics and macroeconomics, econometrics, statistics, history of economics, social science, etc makes this one amongst the most effective career options in commerce.

Journalism and Mass Communication

Journalism and Mass Communication may be a course different from the business courses. that supply education associated with finance and business topics. Students who have the interest to hunt a career in media houses. be it medium or digital media for content creation and delivery can go for this course. This degree could be a three-year program. that will explore your skills and supply you with an education in Media and Indian Polity. PR and company Communication, Event Management, etc.


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