How Smart Homes are Changing the Interior Design Industry

How Smart Homes are Changing the Interior Design Industry

Many industries, including the interior design business, are undergoing revolutions with each passing second. Smart houses are one of the key reasons for the transformation in the interior design business. The advent of smart houses has entirely revolutionized the style and method of home renovation in Dubai.

How Smart Homes Affect the Interior Design Industry

A smart home is where you don’t have to move around often as you can manage your house remotely. Moreover, here is how smart homes are changing the interior design industry,

Smart Appliances & Gadgets

Smart homes are highly equipped with smart appliances and smart gadgets and with the help of these smart home appliances, every task can be done quickly and easily. Take these smart appliances as examples:

  • Modern smart refrigerators have built-in cameras which help you to see what is in your refrigerator on your smartphone.
  • Smart vacuum cleaners work like a robot and you can vacuum the whole house with only one touch on your phone even when you are not at home.

Intelligent lighting

The Intelligent Lighting Includes a lot of Features, Such as

  • Smart lights are usually provided with sensors to turn them on and off. The sensors are of several types like the lights turning on by the sound of a hand clap. There are also human-sensitive sensors that are installed on the ceiling of the door. These sensors command the lights to turn on or off when you come in and go out of the room.
  • Changing the light intensity according to the external temperature is another amazing feature of smart lighting. The smart system provides bright light during daytime and dim lighting at nighttime and apart from these two settings, there are many other options too. For example, the party, the office work time, and the romantic lighting, and you can easily set up your required lighting remotely.
  • A new and modern type of smart lighting is controlled by a remote and you can turn it on or off with its help. But there is another thing that makes it more interesting: the hiding ability of the lights. When you turn on the lights, the lights slide down from the ceiling and when you turn them off they go back and hide in the ceiling making it flat.

Smart Doors and Doorbells

Smart doors come with fingerprint locks and sensor alarms for complete home security. These sensors can detect when someone is acting suspiciously and attempting to open the door with force, and the sensor will sound an alarm to inform you.

The most modern sensors in smart doorbells cause the doorbell to ring instantly as the individual approaches the door. This will prevent you from ringing the doorbell at home, as well as anyone trying to keep an eye on your property.

Human-Centric Bathrooms

The advanced human-centric bathrooms are supplied with a lot of smart features like,

  • The smart shower turns on when you come under the shower. This way it saves water as it is also turned off automatically when you move away from the shower. This feature is also available in bathroom faucets.
  • In smart showers and bathroom faucets, you just have to set the temperature only once before you start taking bath. After that, the advanced system will set the water temperature according to your body temperature.
  • In smart bathrooms, there is a feature of self-refreshing in which the air freshener automatically freshens the bathroom when it smells bad. This system exhausts all the bad odor and freshens up the bathroom with a pleasant smell.

3D Flooring & Paintings

Smart homes don’t follow the old traditions of interior designing whether it is painting the walls or doing the floor. Smart homes are meant to be futuristic and therefore their walls are painted with 3D designs and the flooring tiles are printed with 3D patterns, pictures, and a lot more. The 3D flooring and walls have completely changed the idea of wall paints and flooring and you can even explore more with Exotic Interior Studio.


These were the most important features of smart homes and they are changing the interior design industry. Although, there are many other varieties of smart and advanced elements which are not included in this list. Make your home as smart as yourself in your next home renovation Dubai project.


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